I am not like the others

The more woman I talk to the more unique I realize I am.  I was walking downtown today during lunch and thanking god for giving me so much peace with this infertility stuff.  I have never felt the need to be pregnant I wouldn’t give anything to be pregnant. I am here because I made a vow to Mark to have a child, for him that comes with a strong preference for a biological child.  I am also on this road because I am trusting in god’s path for me.  There is a reason I have been fascinated with adoption since my early 20’s(I’m now 34), there’s a reason I have spent 2 years learning all I can about adoption, there is a reason for all these failed fertility treatments. I will be hopefull over the next couple of months that the IVF works and I can give Mark the gift of a lifetime.  I am feeling so honored that he chose me to be ok with not being pregnant.  That I know I will be a mom some day and I will be more then happy to be an adoptive parent. 

Does that make me less of a woman? Has god prepared me to be pregnant? Will he fill me with the strength and health to carry a child to term? He hasn’t left me yet on this journey of life so why not. 

For you ladies that would give anything to be pregnant.  I am actively learning and trying to understand your deepest desire to give birth.  I have spoken to many friends and they all feel the way you do. They have shown me the passion in there heart and I understand.  My prayers is this: God fill there hearts with hope, peace and love.  May they come to trust in you and the path you’ve laid.  May they be open to all forms of motherhood and when the time is right may you fullfil there dream of being a mom.


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    Julie said,

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blog and for your sweet prayer.
    We each have our own unique journey and you just have to follow yours and do what is right for you.
    God has a plan for all of us. Thinking about this helps me stay positive.

    Good luck on your next cycle-I’ll be following along!


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