Football, Soccer, and Chicago

This weekend Mark and I drove the 8 hours to Chicago to visit one of my favorite girls.  She lives with her boyfriend of 3 years. Found out last month that she was 3 months pregnant and had no idea.  She was so afraid to tell me because of the IF.  I said “Melissa don’t ever do that again.  I love you and my journey is not yours.  I want every ounce of happiness I can wish upon you. I want to share in your joy not be shielded from it.”  I pray that my other friends don’t get that way. I don’t ever want my friends to be different to me because I have a medical problem.  But we did have a great time and it was fun hanging out in downtown Chicago before the wicked winter shows up.

Then Mark and I headed to South Bend to watch the Fighting Irish take on the USC Trojans.  I did my best to will them to victory but came up 7 points to short.  We also attended a Notre Dame soccer game which Mark loved because they had a little Alumni reunion.  He was so excited to show me where he use to play and where his name is on the wall of sports stars. Granted it was over 20 years ago but cool just the same.

My giant box of shots should be here tomorrow. Hopefully my co-workers don’t wonder why there is a bunch of needles and meds in the fridge.


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