Oh Kristi you have grey hair

So I walked into our copy room this morning where a couple of folks were standing at the copy machine. One of the lovely ladies says to me. “Kristi you’re getting grey hairs.” I said “Yeah they will be gone by Saturday. There are only a few.” She says “Oh no there are several, one, two, three, blah blah.” I said “Um thanks for pointing out my grey hair that is really nice of you.” Then she starts to feel bad and compliments me on my black nail polish I had on for Halloween.  It was the most depressing day I’ve had in a long time. Good lord I’m only 34 should people be able to count my grey hairs? So my hair is now up in a pony tail with grey hairs well hidden until I see my magician on Saturday, Glory will wash that grey right out of my hair.  It’s the first time in my life I’ve felt old. Like I should just pack up my belongings and call it a day.  By god she will not see a grey hair for as long as I can cover them up. 

Ok I am better now I got that all out of my system.


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