1st Follicle check and a Brazilian

So I had my 1st visit to Mr Wand yesterday. It went pretty quickly. The tech asked me to write down my numbers so it gave me a job.  She saw 8 on my right and 5 on my left all under 10(is it mm or cm?).  Then I headed to the only woman in town I trust my ya ya too. Mrs Amber. 

I decided to get a brazilian since my ya ya was going to be seeing alot of Mr Wand.  I prefer to be clean and hair free which is not a fun procecure but will look good for several weeks. Then hopefully if all goes well I will keep it plucked until the baby comes. I am not letting a random nurse shave me. Eeeeekkk. My Amber is so sweet and actually is use to seeing ya ya’s all day. Man you couldn’t pay me enough but she doesn’t mind.  I guess once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

Finally my IVF nurse left me a voicemail in our clinics rather cool voicemail system.  She said “The Dr looked everything over and you are right on track. Your numbers are looking good and he saw 16 follicles.  My estrogen level was at 243 which she said is great.” So now I go in on Friday and have another visit with Mr Wand.  Grow Eggs Grow!


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    Here from the LFCA wish post to say that I hope your husband knocks at least one thing off his list today, just to surprise you. (Barring that, you could add one thing that he’s guaranteed to do, then congratulate him all over the place, just to get the ball rolling…)

    Also, that’s one cool voicemail system and I wish you great luck with this cycle!

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