Estrodial 4615, 20 Growing Follicles, and a big fat belly

So today was great movement day for me in this process.  I get to stop injecting 2 needles into my belly hopefully forever.  I get to take a break for a couple days from drugs, hormones, yipee.

I am scheduled for my egg retrieval on Wednesday, 11/18 at 9:30am. Nothing like a little surgery to get your day started.  So far things look really good. It’s so weird to say I will be pregnant on Monday, 11/23(until proven otherwise).  So if someone asks me if I’m pregnant I can say not this week but maybe next.

I did get my package of progesterone shots. Uggghhhhh is that needle big.  I told Mark I think we should give him a fake shot every night so he understands what it feels like.

On the side effects side: I feel like a stuffed animal and my belly is the size of a melon. Lord please protect my body from OHSS please allow my body to finish this road in peace. Also I am very crabby and can’t stand men right now especially Mark. Everything he says or does is so damn annoying.  I just want to cus him out every night I’m doing the shot. Lord please let my love for Mark overflow and not let my emotions get the best of me. Seal my lips so I can keep my negative thoughts to myself. I thank you for blessing me with a man to walk through this journey with.


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