9 Fertilized

So I just called and checked my nifty IVF voicemail.  They were able to perform ICSI on 17 of the 22 eggs they retrieved. 9 Fertilized, oh man I pray that is enough.  I’ve told Mark that this is it for me if these embryo’s don’t turn into a pregnancy I am not doing a Fresh cycle.  I understands where I am coming from but was not in the mood to talk about adoption.  This road is going to a very interesting one not just for my marriage but my strength as a woman. 

The procedure went pretty quickly I’ve been through several other surgeries so I wasn’t scared.  I did get really nausea and week after the procedure.  I have been bloated for the last 36 hours now and I threw up last nights salad. Maybe it was the disgusting Medrol pill that tasted like I was swallowing a shit.  But onward and upward.  I will check again tomorrow to see how the 9 embryo’s are growing.  Then my transfer is scheduled for Monday, Nov 23 so I get to rest over Thanksgiving.


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