I’m Alive

So I have stayed away for a couple days. I ended up getting mild to moderate Hyper Stimulation so Momma was not happy.  I found out on Friday afternoon that our embryo’s weren’t developing as fast as they should so they moved me to a 3 day transfer.  I was so bummed because my body needed a break plus I wanted by babies to get to blastocyst stage.  I spent a lot of time praying Friday night that god would give me the strength to continue with the process.  So Saturday we spent a few hours getting our embryo’s transferred the best one was a 8 cell grade B embryo and 2 6 cell grade C embryo’s.  The  six cell are just insurance policy they say.  Because they really have a small chance of making it.  So we are banking on the strongest one.  Here they are:

Our Little Biddy's

The transfer room was very cool. I have never been awake in an operating room.  They kept me very warm, had relaxing music playing and Mark got to see the Little Biddy’s in the incubator.  So I am half way through the bedrest and can’t wait to leave the house.  One last cool thing to share. They gave us a photo of the embryo in my uterus.  If you can see the little plus sign it’s the white spot next to it. Isn’t that COOL!

Little Biddy Nesting


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  1. 1

    Laura said,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Praying for you and the little bitties!

  2. 2

    deathstar said,

    Oh, that OHSS is dreadful! Wishing all the best POSITIVE results!

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