I’m Too Sexy

My body is still bleeding almost 1 week later. Man I feel so sexy and can’t wait to have sex with my husband. Besides not being on my way to motherhood this infertility has shut down my sex appeal. How can you feel hot when your bleeding, bloated, moody, and being jabbed with needles everyday? Never mind my dates with Mr Wand. People have said to me alot lately just have good sex with Mark. Um sure I am in the mood to have a great romp in the hay. Sadly I’m turned off by sex, my husband and most men in general. Somehow I need to get my mojo back like my beloved Titans. Perhaps a trip to the spa or hair salon would help. Or just listen to some good ole Barry White. Hahaha


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    Julie said,

    Im sorry for your BFN. I hope you found strength by spending time with your beautiful horse.
    I am totally with you on the sex drive thing–mine is beyond low. I could care less about sex, unless maybe it’s when I am ovulating. My poor husband. Oh well, Im sure it will come back for us someday!

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    kmina said,

    Thanks for dropping by.
    I am sorry as well for your BFN. It is gut wrenching…

    I can understand that you are not exactly feeling ready for action. But even if the good thing you have going on with your husband does not depend on doing the ‘bad thing’ on a set date, it does help… Even if you do not want to, and would rather read something. Getting close and intimate could be pleasant for you as well. You will feel alive, for one thing.

    I have seen a marriage collapse because things just got weird between the two spouses. And the lady told me that she felt she could have prevented it. but only realised it too late. Apparently things get awkward rather easily. Don’t let is get to that. One thing is for sure – the longer you let it go ‘without’, the weirder it gets. And weird is no way to describe anything conjugal. Of course, we are not talking about times when your body is still healing or recovering or just not available.

    I realise I am not exactly encouraging you, am I?
    I am sorry, will remove the foot from my mouth and be on my way. I am just trying to help. Please tell me if I step out of line.

    Stay well.

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    Nina said,

    Hi! Thank you for stopping by! I’m sorry about your negative. I hope everything goes well next month! Please feel free to visit again.

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