Bored and Waiting

I am sitting at work with NOTHING to do. I don’t have any vacation days left so I am stuck sitting here with 1 co-worker.  Our office closes tomorrow at 12pm and I am out of here.  I have had lots of time to surf the web and read every blog on adoption, infertility, babies you name it.  I can’t wait till our meeting with the Dr on 1/4.  I pray it gets the ball rolling on either doing IVF again or starting the adoption process.  Being patient is the hardest thing about this mom road.  When your ready to be a mom your ready.  I already have a list of items I want to register for, how I want the nursery to look, baby names. 

Perhaps I’m one of the rare infertile ones that is living through my pregnant friends.  I have 2 friends due in March and I can’t wait. My one friend is finding out the sex of the baby today and I am waiting for her text.  She doesn’t have alot of friends cheering her on but I think it’s so exciting.  The great thing is she is not married, wasn’t planning on having a child, is scared to get married again but here she is pregnant and engaged. Man life turns on a dime.

Then there is couple I saw on TV last night. It was the show “Hoarders”  the Dad is 60+ years old and mom is in her late 30.  They have 4 sweet kids but have had to move outside in a tent because the bed bugs have infested their house.  I laughed at life last night.  What? I am a healthy 34-year-old, educated, loving woman with a clean house, works out, works hard, but can’t have a child to save my soul.  Most days I am sure god is testing my patience to see just how long I can take the wait.  Well I will show him and wait a couple more months before I go truly coo coo for coco puffs.  I might just start decorating our nursery to really show god how serious I am.  Any whoo back to work or surfing the web.


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