2010 Goal

So I have given it some thought over the last couple weeks.  Last year my goal was to get better at remembering Birthdays and Anniversary I think I did pretty good with that.  I relied on my trusty Outlook calendar and bam sent out alot of cards.  Granted I messed up my nephews cards(they are 2 days apart). One nephew got both birthday cards with money. He was honest and sent the money back so I could resend it to the 2nd nephew.  Eeekkk old age takes its toll on you.

So my 2010 goal is……….

Send thank you cards.  My parents never made us send thank you cards but my cousins did. I always thought that was very kind.  My in-laws are great at it and we suck.  So my goal this year on top of birthday and anniversary cards is to send thank you notes.  Our friends and family are very generous to us and it’s only appropriate we send a little thank you. 

Today I am writing a thank you to my dad for buying our airline tickets to Cabo in March. Also a card will be sent to my MIL and FIL for our Christmas present.


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  1. 1

    pandabox33 said,

    That’s a great goal ! I had the birthdays goal in 2008 and this year I had the Christmas cards goal. I did it and I feel better after all these years where I forgot, mixed up, sent stuff after everyone else.

  2. 2

    seraphim75 said,

    That’s a really thoughtful goal. And I’m hoping 2010 brings you what you really want and need xxx

  3. 3

    Baby On Mind said,

    That’s are good goal. Every year I have good intentions of sending thank you card, but have not done so for the last 2 or 3 years. Still planning on doing so this year. Gotta do it before the new year!

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