We met with our Dr. today to go over the first IVF’s results. Turns out I have poor egg quality. I was selfishly hoping it was going to be Mark’s fault but I guess it’s my damn female organs. As if having lumpy breasts wasn’t enough, endometriosis, now I have old eggs. She told me for some reason your eggs are older then your actual age 34. So if we want to do it again she is suggesting a Clomid challenge test which will take a month to run its course. Then change up and drop down my FSH medicine. Mark didn’t want to talk about it while we were waiting so I wait some more for my ever loving husband to make a decision. I was angry with my body today for being so shitty to me. I eat right, exercise, sleep, I don’t drink, smoke, nothing but she can’t repay me with a healthy body. Maybe I should pick up some bad habits then I will get pregnant. As I was getting on the elevator before my appointment, this family got on 3 adults and 1 child. The adults had body piercings, tattoos, and reeked of smoke. But there she was this cute, sweet little girl holding on to mommy’s hand. Oh well now I wait for Mark to decide do we adopt or IVF. I don’t care which just decide so we can prepare and move forward. Ok off my pity box now and back to work.


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    Baby On Mind said,

    We have our first appointment with the RE in 2 years on January 13th. We took a break after 4 failed IUI and DH was not ready for IVF then. We are now. I’m hoping we can start IVF ASAP, but I’m worried I’ll get a BFN. I’m 36, so I am worried about the quality of my eggs too. We are not sure how many rounds of IVF we can afford (1 or 2). Adoption would be our next (last) resort. In a way I guess we are similar. I can totally relate to seeing people that can easily have kids and we struggle shamelessly to have our own.

    Keep us updated on your progress!

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