Kindness of strangers and friends

I have received so many words of love, encouragement via the Stirrup Queens, Stepping Stones and friends. It really is making this cross to bare so much easier.  The comments left on my blog are so thoughtful and kind, the spiritual awakening I get from the Stepping Stones ladies is so needed.  Thank you.

Today a good friend of mine emailed to ask me how it was going and just to say hey.  In her last email to me she wrote this:

“I am so sorry about him being a “poo head” about having children. You are one of the most sensitive, caring, and most giving person I have ever met, and it would be a mistake for you to have to go through life without having the opportunity to be a mother, whether your own or one that becomes your own through adoption. I so hope that he will come to understand the need for him to give you the opportunity to become a family.”

It brought tears to my eyes.  She explained it better then I could ever.  Not the part about me being all these wonderful things(who doesn’t like compliments) but the part about being a mom. I might even repeat her thoughts to Mark. Thank you Laura Lee for warming my heart.


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