IF is Every Where

So over the last few months I have realized I am not alone in this battle to motherhood.  Just being part of the Stirrup Queens has put me in touch with so many women.  Because I’m open about my journey people come out of the wood work on a regular basis to share their struggles.  Yesterday I had 2 random encounters.

  1. I was about to start my Pilates class at the Y when I asked the instructor about acupuncture and who he uses. He gave me a couple names then turns to another woman and said “Who have you been using?” She named the same folks then we started class. After class she came up to me and asked what I needed acupuncture for. I said “infertility” which opened the door for her to share her struggles. She used my Dr but didn’t like her so sought another doctor. Her new doctor is based in Las Vegas and his website is www.haveababy.com so I checked it out and it looked VERY nice but we aren’t flying to another city. I looked through their pregnancy stats and they are the same as my clinic in Nashville.  But I do plan to use her acupuncturist.
  2. I needed to pick up my Clomid from Walgreens for the Clomid Challenge test.  So I stopped by Walgreens on my way home and the drug was $29. Our insurance doesn’t cover it. I said to the pharmacist “I guess they don’t think having a baby is medically necessary.” She said “Tell me about we tried for 5 years and spent over $20000. But insurance will cover Viagra.” Now that is messed up insurance will help a man get erect but not women become mothers.  Don’t both things mess you up emotionally which can lead to medical problems.  Any who she gave me my meds and wished me good luck.

 I just drove away thankful that I was not the only broken one. I’m not the only one with broken female parts. I am bummed for all of us that are carrying this cross but selfishly grateful I have others to share this journey with.


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  1. 1

    It hurts my heart that you think of yourself as broken. I totally get why you’d feel/say that. (and I often struggle with the concept of being broken myself, with my chronic health issues and depression, and also when I struggled to get pregnant 9 years ago.)

    One thing I’ve learned through my therapy and spiritual work is that choice of words is actually very important, especially anything I add after the phrase “I am.”

    I wonder what else you could declare yourself to be … and how that might influence your journey.

  2. 3

    Annie said,

    Yes, the insurance issue is infuriating. If my hubby had issues with his manhood (and he would like me to note that he doesn’t) insurance would cover it. But my infertility coverage has strict limits (yes, we’re lucky to have any at all). But I do have coverage for the myriad health problems I’ve developed from the STRESS and PAIN of my losses and infertility, but not to help resolve the situation through IVF or other means. It would SAVE them money to address my infertilily. Maybe we should all contact our insurance companies to drive this point home.

    Thanks for stopping by my website. Best wishes on your journey!

  3. 4

    Tara said,

    I would say “Welcome to the club” but somehow that doesn’t seem right. I just wish you strength and hope your journey down the IF road is a short one.

  4. 5

    Rebecca said,

    I too have found how wonderful it can be to put yourself out there openly regarding your IF struggle. Although difficult at times it has allowed me to share this challenging journey with others & know that I’m not alone in this. Plus I’m always surprised at how many people are affected by IF!

  5. 6

    I didn’t think there were any sites with content this good. There sure is a lot of trash out there online. I’ll definitely be back to check out future posts…Thanks

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