I’ll carry your baby for you

So I just called to make an appointment with Amber my wax girl extraordinaire. She had her 2nd son a few months ago. She knows of the IF road I am on. She said “Are you pregnant?” I said “nope” She said “Damn I will carry a baby for you if you want. She would love to do that.” I laughed and said “um well if it gets to that I will put you on the list.” She is now the 2nd person to offer me their wombs.

I just find it oddly comforting to know someone cares about my path to motherhood enough to offer up their own body and health for me. Its small comments like these that help me know I am loved and not alone in this journey. So thank you Amber and Alexia for offering up your bodies I PRAY I never have to take you up on the offer.


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  1. 1

    hannah said,

    I’ve had people offer their wombs to me too!

  2. 2

    Hope said,

    I’ve had 2 people offer to carry my baby, my sister said I could have her some of her eggs, and a good friend offered me 8 frozen embryos. Doesn’t it almost make it harder? It just makes me so anxious to just find out what it’s going to take so I can get it done already. The not knowing is the hardest part!

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