Consult with Dr. Ahlering at SIRM St Louis

Very nice, informative, innovative, takes his work personally. He does all the US monitoring himself. I’ve never heard of that. I saw my Dr in Nashville once during my whole IVF cycle. Within minutes of hanging up Dr A had personally emailed me a bunch of information. Since we have to do ICSI he uses a High Resolution microscope to help select the best sperm. That alone sounds positive. He kept mentioning getting us a baby. I liked that he wants to get me to motherhood not just take my money. I am staying optimistic that it’s not an act he genuinely wants me to be a mom. Now I need to look over their Outcome Based Plan(shared risk) to compare the costs. Plus talk to Mark he couldn’t be on the call because of work. We are close so close. Yipee!

Thank you ladies for all the feedback. For all the Dr A fans you were right he is very nice.


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    Elaine said,

    Yay! Sounds like it was wonderful!

  2. 2

    a said,

    Because I’m a cynic, I suspect that Dr. Ahlering doesn’t care about whether or not you get a baby as much as he is absolutely driven to solve the puzzle and succeed. But, he is a really warm, personable guy and he makes you feel like he’s there to help you realize your dream. Either way, I am fairly well convinced that it’s not all about money for him. Also, in case you didn’t read it elsewhere, OB/Gyn is the family business – I think his brother and his dad are/were both OB/Gyns. Glad you liked him.

    I hope you can find a clinic that works well for you!

  3. 4

    Becky said,

    Thanks for the well-wishes about my new baby girl.

    I am glad you are comfortable with Dr. A. That is so important in this crazy IF journey. It is so invasive in so many ways and I know that using the RE that I did really helped me through that.

    Can’t wait till the day I check back here and you’re a mommy!

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