Shady Grove is the winner

SIRM made it an easy decision for us. I really liked Dr A and was really hoping their Shared Risk program matched Shady Groves but nope not even close. Their program is called Outcome Based Plan and based on my age 35. We would get 65% of our money back after 3 rounds of IVF. Shady Grove is 100% and it’s a very liberal 100%. If at any time we don’t want to continue and we are not pregnant we get 100% back. If we get pregnant on our own we get 100% back. You get the drift. I still don’t really understand it but I’ve seen the legal contract and it’s all in there.

I am now awaiting approval from the Shared Risk folks which should be next week. You have to qualify by meeting certain criteria. The nurse is confident we will be approved. Now I need to talk to the boss about working in Maryland. I talked to HR about taking medical leave for 2 weeks and they said no since it’s not medically necessary. 

We are telling Mark’s parents this weekend we want to stay with them for 2 weeks in May to get pregnant. If that is not awkward I don’t know what is.  But after showing my Ya Ya to many folks over the last year awkward isn’t in my dictionary. 

Also, I might get to meet our head queen Mel since she lives in the DC area. How cool would that be?


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    Wishing4One said,

    Awesome you made a decision. Also very cool to read Dr. A was all that too. Like I said before i communicated with him only via email and he was great. Exciting times ahead girl. Meeting Mel… you have to if youre that close!!!

  2. 2

    JM said,

    Good luck! I hope they are warmer in your next meetings than they were at first. I have had nothing but good bedside manners with all but one Dr. through Shady Grove.

  3. 3

    Alicia said,

    My husband & I went with Shady Grove after a referral from my OB. I had my first IVF which failed. All the staff was very nice & extremely supportive. I go to the Annapolis office & see Dr. M who I LOVE!!! He is very friendly & always stops to say hello & shake our hands if he sees us sitting in the waiting room or checking out. Good luck to you!!

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