Sun, Whales, Fishing and Fun

Last week Mark and I spent 7 days in beautiful San Jose Del Cabo Mexico with my dad, step mom, and step sister.  We had a great time and relaxed a whole hell of alot.  I spent most of my days laying in the sun next to the pool watching the waves.  I did take a bartending class(benefit of a fertility break), water vollyball, massage.

The highlight for all of us was our 5 hour private boat outing.  We did everything we wanted.  We got about 40 yards from a mom and baby humpback.  It was so amazing watching them slap fins, splash and jump.  They are such huge creatures but are vegetarians.  Did you know that their milk comes out their blow hole? The milk sits on top of the water while the calf skims it off the water.  They are also the predator of Orca’s. 

Then we went fishing. The capitan said it had been a couple weeks since they last caught something.  So 1st my step sister caught a Spanish Mackerel, then a few minutes later I caught mine.  I had never deep sea fished but it was very cool and they had really sharp teeth.  Then the capitan filet them so we could eat them for dinner.  We took them to a local restaurant and had the best fish I’ve ever had. 

This was our second time to Cabo and we love even more now.

Mark, my dad, capitan Albert and me


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