So I did it. I was inspired by Venting Vagina and am trying everything out there to help this cycle.  I have been eating pineapple core, pomegranate juice and now acupuncture.  Mark wasn’t happy with spending more money but gets that it might help get us to parenthood.  So my google search lead me to a acupuncturist that specializes in infertility. When I walked in there was a wall full of baby pictures that they helped create. wink wink.  After inserting the needles in various places she placed a runners blanket over me and a heat lamp on my feet.  Then left me to rest in the dark for 30 minutes.  The first few minutes I felt very heavy like I was going to pass out.  Then towards the end I felt more energized.  My left leg twitched but she said that’s normal.  She looked at my tongue and said ladies with Endometreosis have different color tongue’s then women with PCOS.  I wouldn’t know so it sounds good.  We will see if my tongue changes color in a few weeks.

Any other alternative medicines you want to suggest?


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    babybaker said,

    oh, i’m so glad you went! i love acupuncture and i truly believe it helped me get to the good place i am in now. it took a long time, but we made it. i will continue acupuncture as it’s so supportive in every way. enjoy!

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    lillyshephard said,

    thanks for your comment on my blog and for sending your congrats…
    i’m so glad you’re doing acupuncture…i too decided to spend the extra moolah on it during my six month “letting my body heal from multiple m/c’s” hiatus. who can say for sure the impact it had on my fertility, but i believe it is one of the reasons i was able to carry a pregnancy to term…and i also knew that whatever the outcome, i needed my body to heal and come into balance, for which acupuncture is just the ticket! another thing i did was to find a naturopath who works specifically with infertility…and i know for sure this supported our efforts immensely…
    here’s to balance and healing! lilly

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    Jenn said,

    Thank you for your well wishes! I look forward to following your journey.
    As for acupuncture, I had tried acupuncture back when we were going through our IUI’s but never had a good “connection” with the gal so I quite going. As we started to gear up for IVF in March 2009 I decided to give it another try. Now I am a Lifer. I go once a week and have said many times that acupuncture will always be a part of my life now, fertility treatments or not. It’s expensive and our insurance doesn’t cover a penny of my treatments but that doesn’t matter. My health and well being are more important than a lousy $60 each week.
    Good luck and stay positive!

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