15 Follies and Growing

I had my 1st follicle check today and we had 15 in the cooking stage. My next check should be Saturday with the Grove.

Note to self; Don’t inject yourself with Menopur without the Menopur. I wasted a good spot on my belly, damn it.

Tonight is Acupuncture #3


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  1. 1

    Heather said,

    15 – That is Awesome!!

  2. 2

    Bec said,

    Terrible to waste a good spot!

    Thinking of you and sending up prayers!

  3. 3

    Jenn said,

    Yay! That is great! Keep those follies growing 🙂
    I hear you on the needles ~ between acupuncture, blood work and PIO shots I am a human pin cushion ~ I’m sure you feel the same. I had to get over my fear of needles real quick when I started this IF journey!

  4. 4

    babybaker said,

    awesome! your follies are kickin butt! woohoo!

    have a wonderful acupuncture session!

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