Grove I go

Today is my departure date for the Grove.  I am going to try to journal my trip.

Here I am on my last day of work in Nashville.  My awesome boss is letting me work from MD next week so I don’t have to take vacation.  He suggested I just take the week as sick days but there’s no need for that.  I would be really board hanging out with my in-laws for 10 days.

Today my group celebrated my 11th Administrative Professional day.  They took me to lunch and when I got back from lunch I got beautiful flowers and yummy chocolates. What a great send-off I feel so lucky to work for a great company. From our CEO to our receptionist people are kind, fun, and respectful.

ps. Without knowing it the guy that bought the flowers and chocolates while we were gone used my wedding florist.

Day 3 in MD

Today was day 9 of stimming and I had my 2nd US/Bloodwork appointment.  The follies are growing still I have 5 over the 14mm size with 1 being at 20mm so they might let that one go for the sake of the others.  I meant to ask what “let that one go” means but I can do that tomorrow. So I had to buy more meds thank goodness they had a pharmacy in the clinic.  I was out of menopur.  As far as the stay it’s been pleasant lots of chilling with my in-laws, a little family gathering Saturday, then church on Sunday.  I get to meet Mel our head queen tomorrow since she lives here. I am excited to meet the woman who got me started on this journey of blogging.

Day 4 in MD

No trigger yet but I will get the go ahead tomorrow. My eggs are almost ripe for the picking.  My estrogen is up to 1100 so I am staying below the OHSS line which makes my belly and I happy.  I did get to meet Mel our Head Queen today along with another blogger LJ and her son cutie.

Day 5&6 in MD

I finally got the thumbs up to trigger last night.  I did a Lupron trigger this time which is supposed to help keep OHSS away.  IVF #1 my estrogen shot up to 5000+ as of yesterday I was at 1080.  My retrieval is scheduled for 8:45am so when I get my BFP I will be due January 20, 2011.  They saw 21 eggs yesterday and at 1st that # scared me because they retrieved 21 the 1st time and we had nothing to show for my bodies hard work.  My friend sent me an article yesterday showing that high E2 levels equates to poor quality eggs.  Well I hope that’s true and this time I am right where I need to be.  I might send a note to my Dr in Nashville telling her Umm my eggs aren’t old you just over stimulated me. Mark and I are both feeling more confident in this clinic.

ps. my MIL did my trigger shot in my butt. I guess we are really getting to know each other. Next she gets to go with me to the transfer.

Day 7 in MD

Today was my retrieval day and I made it and am recovery alot better then the 1st time.  It was very quick in and out and they had me walk into the OR instead of being knocked out then wheeled in.  They retrieved 12 which is 21 but I am more hopefull these will be better quality.  So now I finish resting then wait.  I would love to get a call tomorrow that they all fertilized but we all know that is unlikely.  I am praying for a handfull of healthy blast and a 5/6 day transfer.

ps. My actual Dr did the procedure instead of a random Doc I’d never seen.

Day 8 in MD

I got my fertilization report. 6 were mature 5 have fertilized and are at the 2 cell stage. They will call tomorrow with their progress.

ps. I am listening to my FIL, Mark, and MIL snore 2 rooms over watching basketball. There’s no place like home there’s not place like home.

Day 10 in MD

It’s going to take a miracle.  We only had 1 6-cell embryo and 1 5-cell embryo to transfer.  Both with some fragmentation. Dr Chang has given us a 10-15% chance. Damn you little eggs Damn you

ps. Tomorrow I head home to a flooded city and pray more horse hasn’t floated down the river.


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  1. 1

    ifcrossroads said,

    Hi there! I wanted to wish you the best with your stimming this week at SG. As far as what they mean by “letting one go” – it basically means that you have a lead follie that is bigger than the rest of the pack and it’s possible that they will sacrifice it for the sake of letting the others catch up. That happened to me on my IVF cycle. I had 5 or 6 follies that were around 14/15mm and then one that was at 20mm.
    Thinking of you and hope that everything continues to go well.

  2. 2

    babybaker said,

    documenting your trip is a great idea! i look forward to checking in. sending lots and lots of positive vibes your way!

  3. 3

    Mel said,

    I’m excited to meet you too!

  4. 4

    elaine said,

    sounds like you are off to a great start. big kudos to your job. that is fantastic!!! you’ll be glad you didn’t take sick time, you’ll need them for when the baby comes! i’ll be looking forward to more updates!

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