Ovary Diet

 Ok, so I compiled the suggestions from my fellow bloggers, online chat rooms, IF girlfriends.  I am pulling together my Ovary Diet. Perhaps I can sell and market it if it works. If nothing else I should feel healthier.

Royal Jelly – 1 tsp twice a day

CQ10 – 1 pill twice a day

Wheatgrass – 7 pills a day

Acupuncture – I will start this once a week when I start the BCP.

Exercise – I am heading back to the gym tomorrow to hopefully loose 5 pounds.

Diet – Keep eating organic fruits, veggies, protein, no caffeine, very limited alcohol

And I am making DH get in the act by taking Fertilaid for men. He got all irritated when I suggested it “My sperm isn’t the problem.” Um if your sperm can’t penetrate the egg just maybe they are missing something. “Fine I’ll take it”. Gee thank you for being such a team player. My dh can be a Dick**** sometimes.  

After a day of thinking about it he got on bored and realized it can’t hurt to try it. If for nothing else, then to support me.  I’m tired of being the only one having to do shots, Dr appointments, bleeding, etc. 

So we will see if any of these things help.  We will see when we do IVF #3 in the fall.


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  1. 1

    Heather said,

    All men can be dicks…sorry.

    I hope it works!!!

  2. 2

    mnrn said,

    Glad the hubby finally got on board. Crossing my fingers that it works……..I mean really, really crossing my fingers!!!!!!!

  3. 3

    April said,

    What did you think of the DHEA supplements?

  4. 5

    babybaker said,

    so glad to hear you have a plan! my hubby took fertilaid for a while too. it couldn’t hurt even when there’s nothing wrong, right? glad to hear he got on the bandwagon.

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