All Aboard

Sorry I have been quite. It’s been a busy last few days.

Friday they retrieved 12 embryos. By Saturday 10 had fertilized and 7 were dividing like they wanted.  Sunday we got the call that transfer was going to be day 3. I was bummed and spend a few minutes alone crying wondering why I keep making poor quality eggs.  But then Mark reminded me all 7 were still divided and that’s the best we’ve had so far. The transfer was today and we have 1 grade A – 8 cell with no fragmentation and 1 grade B – 6 cell with 20% fragmentation.  Dr C felt much better this cycle and has high hopes for the 8 cell. The remaining 5 were still dividing today but were only at 4 & 5 cells so they are going to let them go for a couple more days to see if they keep dividing. I had acupuncture before and it was so relaxing it was worth it just to relax.  The acupuncturist sold me some tea called “implantation tea” so hell I’ve been trying everything else why not this.  So I don’t know if the Royal Jelly, Cq10 and wheatgrass helped get us a little better quality but we will see.

So All Aboard…………Cho Cho

I might be more excited to go home and sleep in my own bed, love on my pets, make dinners, and work.  My in-laws have been great but home is home. 

I went with my in-laws yesterday to their annual church picnic.  MIL was introducing me to folks.  The 1st couple she introduced me to were in there 70’s.  MIL said “This is my daughter in law Kristi she lives in Nashville. She is up here going through the IVF program at the Grove.” I was like um hello I’m Kristi and yes I am struggling to have a baby. But the lady was so sweet she said “Oh my daughter went through that twice and now she has a beautiful daughter. I said prayers every night and light a candle. So I will add prayers for you.” It’s funny to me how many people my MIL shares our infertility story with. I just know I’ve been the topic of discussion at ladies bridge.  God love her she is sweet as can be.

So I will be back soon and yes I will test at home. So we should know something in about 10 days.

Cho Cho


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  1. 1

    Holly said,

    Anticipating a BFP and healthy little embryo that grows and grows and grows!

  2. 2

    Haidee said,

    Sounding good! Will keep everything crossed for you! My Nana is the same and shares what we are going through with everyone – I don’t mind as I’m very open about it and I know she just cares so much and really wants this for us. All the best!!

  3. 3

    Heather said,

    Is it easier to be open up there away from home?

    I have a GREAT feeling about this!!!

  4. 4

    Hannah said,

    Good luck with the transfer!! I hope you can get back to your home soon!

  5. 5

    Amber said,

    Glad to hear retrieval and transfer went great! Very excited for you!

  6. 6

    yaaaaay! ALL ABOARD! instead of choo choo, i give you a WOOOHOOO! 🙂

    i’m SO happy to hear you have more embies this time. i’m sending you all the stickiest baby vibes, prayers, thoughts, juju — you name it! i am also keeping my FX that you have some to freeze. i know there’s a BFP in your future very soon. i’ll say a little mantra for you: twinstwinstwinstwins!

    glad you get a break from the ILs for a bit. you’re such a trooper!


  7. 7

    elaine said,

    Sticky baby dust coming your way! Have a safe trip home!


  8. 8

    Keya said,

    Hi there, here from stressfreeinfertility. Hope the embies are doing their thing just this minute 🙂 Good luck for a beautiful BFP!

  9. 9

    kmina said,

    I hope and pray that you get a wonderful BFP/beta very soon!
    Sending you super-sticky vibes.

  10. 10

    Haidee said,

    Just checking in to see how you’re getting on? It’s been a week now, how are you feeling?

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