Happy 1st Blogoversary

Today marks 1 year since I started this humble piece of journaling(1st Post).  Finding the Stirrup Queen community has been such a blessing.  The love and support I get has helped me walk this horrible road of infertility with a fuller heart.  I have made some very cool friends, friends that know more about me then some visible friends.  Without this community I would be a hot mess, crying in ball wondering why me.  Sadly there are many of you going through the same struggles as me. Selfishly I need you folks to walk with me hand in hand.

I pray that we all get our happy endings no matter what that looks like.

This past year has seen a lot of tears, angry words said between Mark and I, and disappointment. Of course I never would have imagined I would be working my way through 3 IVF procedures. I never thought I would still be struggling to be a mom while my friends pass me by with their 1st, 2nd or 3rd child.  But… I also never imagined I would be more resolved in my desire to be a mom, I never imagined Mark would place crosses in our empty nursery, I never imagined the love I would feel for my lost child, I never imagined I would open up to my family and friends and get more love and support then a girl could ask for.

Now for the fun part.  I thought about what to giveaway; jewelry, candles, t-shirt, etc but I settled on something I love to get besides money.  If you would like to win a $10 Star.bucks gift card leave a comment.  I will do the drawing on Friday, October 1st at 4pm.  Once the winner is pulled I will email you for your home address.


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  1. 1

    Lisa Williams said,

    Happy blogoversary! Your post made me realize that mine had to have been sometime soon too…and I just looked and I missed it! September 9th was my Blogoversary and I missed it. Boo. It is crazy looking back at previous posts and seeing everything that we each have been through just in the past year – and that wasn’t even the beginning of the infertility journeys! Hopefully both of ours will come to an end sometime soon…but if not we know that God IS still in control!

  2. 2

    Heather said,

    Happy Blogoversary!!

    I hope your blogging for years to come – as a Mommy Blogger!

  3. 3

    Amber said,

    It’s amazing how fast a year can fly by, isn’t it? Maybe it’s getting older, but I think IF and the iVF cycles (notice the plural…) can really make time pass by faster. Thankful you can see the “positive” out of the last year…none of it was an accident. Praying for you and dh, that next year you will be blogging about your expanded family!

  4. 4

    Mel said,

    Happy blogoversary, sweetie. I’m so glad you started this space. May you have good things to write about in this upcoming year.

  5. 5

    Justine said,

    Happy Blogoversary! I hope that in the coming year you’ll get to tell a different kind of story … as you say, it’s hard to imagine where we end up from where we start.

  6. 6

    melissa said,

    Happy Blogoversary!!! It’s amazing how fast the year flies by with the unexpected!! Hoping that you’re thismuch closer to a strong BFP and baby!!

  7. 7

    Lisa said,

    Happy Blogoversary!!!

  8. 8

    babybaker said,

    happy blogoversary, my friend! thank god we all have each other, huh? i am convinced that this difficult journey and ongoing disappointment will make us better parents, better friends, better spouses, better people. you are beautiful! you will be a momma soon (as in right now). 🙂

    i have EVERYthing crossed for you, my dear. xo.

  9. 10

    […] besides that fact that it’s no longer yesterday and it’s Friday? Last week I won Kristi’s give away for her 1st blogoversary and I received a card from her in the mail when I got home last […]

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