4th Anniversary and Beta #2

Beta #2 – 474 Eeeeekkkkk Please Jesus let this be it! Beta #3 scheduled for Monday 10/11.

Today is our 4th anniversary.  Our 4th year tested us, tested our commitment to each other and our ability to love and support each other.  I pray our 5th year is the best we’ve ever had. So far starting it out with BFP is a step in the right direction.

Mark and I are so different in every way.  He is a smart, logical, athletic, republican, procrastinating 46 year old man. I am an animal loving, tree hugger, democrat, stubborn 35 year old woman.  How we ever got matched is beyond us.  Mark got straight A’s all through college, graduated from Notre Dame and has spent the last 21 years climbing the corporate ladder.  I got C’s some D’s, struggled to graduate from a state college, working as a secretary until I could become a mom.  Mark was a bachelor for 42 years until he married me.  I have been told by his family, friends, co-workers that I must be really special because they never thought they would see Mark married.    

Despite all our differences we make it work.  I think we have both learned to love each other for who we are.  He doesn’t get irritated as much when I refuse to do what he says. I don’t cry every time he goes out to play golf or soccer.  We know we each need our independence to stay happy.

Happy Anniversary to Me!  It’s still cracks me up that I am married, married, me.


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  1. 1

    Alenka said,

    Congratulations! I hope your 5th year in marriage brings on long desired baby. I am having my third beta today, so finger crossed for all of us who got their bfp last week.

  2. 2

    sienna said,

    this is EXCELLENT NEWS!!!! more than doubled, wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *please let this be it* *please let this be it* *please let this be it* :o)

  3. 3

    a said,

    Happy anniversary! And congratulations on a good 2nd beta!

  4. 4

    Amber said,

    Congrats! How neat to have such great news on your Anniversary!!

  5. 5

    Double Congratulations!!!

  6. 6

    Rachael said,

    Happy Anniversary and Congrats! H&H 9 mos to you!!!

  7. 7

    Hannah said,

    Congrats! Happy Anniversary! You guys are a beautiful couple!

  8. 8

    babybaker said,

    i know i already emailed you but i have to post it here too! first of all OMG CONGRATULATIONS! that’s a GREAT 2nd beta and i’m positive monday’s will be even BETTER! i can’t wait to hear!

    secondly, happy 4th anniversary! you are an adorable couple. i LOVE your photo. you are beautiful! 🙂

    xoxo! so happy for you! this is IT!

  9. 9

    ErnieGirl said,

    Congrats, that’s amazing!!! And you two are truly an example of opposites attract!

  10. 10

    Laura said,

    Happy Anniversary and congratulations on your beta!

  11. 11

    Funsize said,

    You are a beautiful bride! Sometimes, I look at my marriage and think how the heck did I get here?!? Being a grown up is weird some time.

    Hope your beta goes good!


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