3rd Beta

3rd Beta = 3197 at 24 DPO.  We wanted anything over 1600 so we are very happy with 3197.

Now I am scheduling my 1st US for pregnancy #2.  Dr C said I could schedule it for late this week or early next week.  But….since pregnancy #1 broke my heart I am scheduling it for 10/21 or 10/22 which puts us into the 7th week.  I don’t know if I can take not seeing a heartbeat again.  The prayers will keep coming every day and praising god for keeping me pregnant for 1 more day.

I did have a dream last night that I was kissing a baby’s face.  The baby had brown hair and brown eyes.  It was smiling at me with it’s mouth open like it was going to suck my face.  I didn’t want to wake up of course I just wanted to keep smooching it’s face.  Mark told me this weekend god told him we are having twins.  I said did you dream that. He said no we just had a good talk.  Ummm I don’t know about that I don’t think my betas are high enough for twins but hey gods proven me wrong many many times.  If anything I am happy to hear Mark talking to god and praying for us.

I wonder what color heels I should wear to the appointment.  I am going to get a pedicure this weekend and have them painted black with a big red heart on my big toe.  I’ve had purple toes with 4 leaf clovers on them since before the retrieval.


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  1. 1


    YAY for a great number!!!

  2. 2

    sienna said,

    awesome 3rd beta!!! i hope this is *it* for you!!! and you’re smart to make the first ultrasound a little later, so there isn’t any question of “well, it’s kind of too early sometimes to see …”. will continue thinking great thoughts for you :o) xoxo!

  3. 3

    kim said,

    Awesome numbers. Every good thought headed your way!!!

  4. 4

    WOO HOO! I am so happy for you. I am sure that you are thinking about the last time in the back of your head which probably makes it hard for you to get really excited and hopeful. I just remember my doctor telling me that miscarrying a 2nd time in a row is rare. I think this is the real deal for you. Hang in there and relax!!!

  5. 5

    Becky said,

    I cannot express in words how happy I am to see this post. Thinking of you and praying for you every day. Blessings.

  6. 6

    Ashley said,

    That is great news! Sending good thoughts your way!

  7. 7

    Holly said,

    I am so incredibly happy for you!!!! I’m sure that I’m not alone among us (IFers) who feel MORE excitement and bursting joy for the ones who achieve pregnancy after/amid IF, then for even a family member who it “just happens” for. Yay! Praying for you guys and for your first U/S.

  8. 8

    babybaker said,

    kristi, i am so so excited for you! i *know* this is going to be it. i know you’ll likely be stressing before your u/s but please know that you will be kissing those beautiful baby cheeks in about 8 months! strut in those heels, momma! (p.s. i have purple toes right now.)


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