Taking a break from loss

Out of self preservation I am going to take a break from reading stories of miscarriages, still births, etc. At least until I am blessed to hit the 2nd trimester.  I can’t read those heartbreaking stories any more without sending my brain and heart into over drive.  I will still say prayers and send virtual hugs but I can’t read the stories right now. Another blogger friend of mine had to do the same thing once she got pregnant with her twins. She said I just stopped reading the loss announcements because it was to hard.  When she 1st told me that a few months ago I thought well these ladies need my prayers. But I understand her now and feel the same. I will still keep the prayers coming just anonymously.

If you’re in the midst of a loss I am so sorry it’s devastating I know.  You will be in my thoughts and prayers but I can’t visit your blogs right now.

It’s going to take all my positive energy to make it through the US without throwing up or bawling my eyes out.  I guess our miscarriage took a bigger toll on me then I thought. I have 8 days to go before the big day.  If we see a heartbeat I am going to FREAK out.  I know I can still miscarry but right now that is the golden ring.  


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    hang in there kristi! your u/s is going to bring you wonderful news and then you can breathe a sigh of relief, albeit a little one, because i know you need to make it to 13 weeks before you can really breathe. i think anyone would understand why you wouldn’t want to read about those things right now. trust me, as soon as i’m pregnant, i’ll be doing the same thing. i’ve been there and i don’t want to be there again, so i totally understand! 2nd tri, here you come! i’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! xoxo!

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    Holly said,

    It makes sense Kristi! Keep hanging on and doing whatever you need to do to keep yourself sane while you pass through this first trimester. Holding you in my prayers while you anticipate seeing that little beating heart.

  3. 3

    Hannah said,

    I had to do the exact same thing. It’s just so hard to hear those stories and my heart ached for those that had loss.

    Good luck with your ultrasound!!! Can’t wait to hear!

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    amber1279 said,

    I think we have all had to stop reading certain stories for one reason or another. I dropped by after reading the comment you left on my blog in June. I am pleased to say that I got my BFP this month too! What a surprise to find you got yours as well! congrats!!

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