He’s getting a talkin to

This will be my 1st DH vent post and hopefully last.  As mentioned in my anniversary post DH and I are very opposite. I married a professional bachelor but knew what I was buying on 10/7/06.  When we were engaged he started to rebel or work out his dying single man.  He took a few golf/gambling/fun trips with his buddies. He spent one to many nights having beers with the guys.  I knew he was just letting go of single Mark so I didn’t say much.  Once we got married the trips and bar stops decreased dramatically.  Well single Mark reared his head this weekend. 

After the US which was a big deal at least for me.

 “Let’s go out and celebrate tonight.”

“Ok I already committed to having a couple of beers with the guys. But I will meet you later”  

Which was fine because it was 4pm and I was going to see my horse anyway.  So we agreed to meet up at the house later.  Well 7:30 rolls around he finally pulls in and goes straight to bed. 

I said “What are you doing we are going out to celebrate.” 

“I never said that, you can’t drink anyway.”

“Yeah but I can have juice or something”

“Let’s just do it tomorrow”

“Fine tomorrow night we will go out”

I spend the rest of the night hanging out with the neighbors.  Saturday rolls around he tells me he is going to play golf at 1:30pm. Ok, but remember we are going out to celebrate tonight. Ok. He gets home at 7pm and says:

“Are you ready I am starving?”

“Yep” I shaved my legs, got dolled up

“Let’s go to Koi(Thai place) or O’Charly’s”

“No O’Charly’s it’s not very nice, so let’s go to Koi”

We eat dinner within an hour and sat at the sushi bar so he could watch sports.  We had green tea to celebrate and were done eating within an hour.

“Are you ready to go?”


We head straight back home and he heads to bed by 8:30pm. Sunday rolls around we head to the Titans game with a couple of his friends(I know I know).  He has way to much to drink so I end up driving home. He’s passed out by 5:30pm. He gets up just in time to eat the dinner that took me 2 hours to make then goes back to bed. Then to top it all of…We have separate bathrooms because he is a slob. Mine is very clean and organized. I head to my bathroom last night to wash up and there is a big pile of crap in my toilet with the lid up.  My bathroom smells like A** and it’s all my pregnant self can do not to vomit.  I was so mad when he got home from his work dinner I couldn’t speak to him.  So tonight if he’s not asleep by 6pm he’s getting a talking to.  Ugghhhhh

I am pretty sure single Mark is freaking out that he actually might become a dad in a few months. But really your 46 years old, start acting like it.

Ok all better, hopefully we won’t have another post like this for a long time.


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  1. 1

    babybaker said,

    awe, men! he can have last weekend, but it’s time to stay pampering you like you deserve! you’re growing a baby!!! hugs. xo.

  2. 2

    sas said,

    oh no. hope things get worked out.

  3. 3

    Ashley said,

    This is my first visit to your blog. Likely not the best post for me to start with! This just sounds like an awful weekend. Hopefully he will get his s!@# together soon and come to realize the walking miracle that you are (and are carrying)!!.. Definitely deserves a talking to. And for the record, he should be making you a your pregnant belly dinner! Hope tomorrow is a much improved day!

  4. 4

    Sharee said,

    Not one for lectures mind you … 😉 … but I like offering a different perspective. Sometimes my hunny behaves in a most annoying way, but there is never one side to an interaction … there are things I do to really aggravate my man … there are things he does in response to my actions. The wise woman spends time thinking about how our response to a situation either makes it worse or better. If A makes B worse, I try really hard to stop beating that horse! lol. An even wiser woman NEVER confronts her man with drama when he comes home from work … even when they are annoying, or it feels justified. When he comes home it should feel like a safe haven – thanks to wifey! Our critiques and corrections do not cause our men to rise to greatness. Instead they interpret it as disrespect or nagging and it only causes them to avoid us. Over the years this vicious cycle takes its toll on even the best relationships.

    That’s my 2 cents … 11 years of marital bliss (but not until some cycles were reversed!!) and counting … also a soon to be marital and family therapist …

    Hope you don’t mind me sharing …

  5. 5

    WiseGuy said,

    Hi Cowgirltn,

    Yep looks like your DH is having his last hiccups …of settling down. I hope sincerely that you won’t have to post anything of this kind again.

    Congrats on your pregnancy, and I hope things keep getting better.

    As far as hygiene is concerned, if it is any consolation, I have still not been able to persuade to not wear his office shoes to the bathroom….it is no fun to just keep cleaning the floor, and I think scrubbing is going out of style for me.

    But crap in the bowl, and the lid up….Anybody would vomit!

  6. 6

    WiseGuy said,

    …oops, persuade him…

  7. 7

    Justine said,

    I suspect he’s feeling his oats … but no excuse! You deserve some love!

  8. 8

    WiseGuy said,

    Hey, I forgot to write about the comment you left me on my blog….yep, I have added raisins in my daily diet…along with the almonds I have been having every day.

  9. 9

    kmina said,

    Hey, CONGRATS!!! What a very good piece of news! I hope and pray that everything goes perfectly smooth from now on.

    I got married one week later, on the 17th, the same year. 😉

    As for what your DH did, well, he deserves the talking to he must have had by now. But perhaps it is best to get it out of his system now, than when the little one comes and you will need his help.

  10. 10

    kmina said,

    Silly me, scattered brain that I am, I read the date wrong… In non-English speaking environment the day is first, and so I got tricked YET AGAIN :-))

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