2nd Trimester

That’s right I said 2nd Trimester! We were suppose to have our 12 week appointment yesterday, but after waiting almost 2 hours the Doc got called in to do an emergency C-section. So we rescheduled for this morning. We heard pumpkins heartbeat of 168 so we were all happy with that.  The Doctor offered the NT scan but we declined it because our insurance doesn’t cover it.  We also know we wouldn’t do anything if the baby had downs so no NT scan for us.  At the end the doctor said “You two have the deer in the headlight look, it’s ok to be happy.”  

We are thrilled belief me we are thrilled.  But being on this side of infertility is so uncharted what do we do now.  No more tests, no more, surgeries, no more living with the in-laws.  

I do have a shopping trip planned to help my boobs find a bigger home. They are taking over my body along with my belly.  I also plan to shop for some more maternity clothes.  I might start my gift registry if Mark gives me the thumbs up.  Oh yeah and were are pretty close to finalizing Rachel as our girl name.  No headway on boys names.  Mark doesn’t like any I have thrown out there but yet he doesn’t have suggestions.

We have our next appointment in 4 weeks just to check the heartbeat.  I didn’t mention the Doppler that should be arriving today. I didn’t want to irritate Mark.


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  1. 1

    jill said,

    Happy 2nd trimester! 🙂

  2. 2

    Amber said,

    How exciting!! I’m sure you and hubby can finally breathe knowing babies ok!!

  3. 3

    babybaker said,

    yaaaaay! you are in the 2nd trimester, my friend!!! what you do now is ENJOY BEING PREGNANT!!! and shop for those clothes, girl!

    rachel is a beautiful name. my mother almost named me that, but you know what won out instead. 🙂

    let me know when the doppler arrives!

  4. 4

    lifebytheday said,

    I had to give in and buy some new pants over the past two weeks…and yes, bras are next. 😉 Congrats on the 2nd trimester!

  5. 5

    Becky said,

    So, so happy for you! Looking forward to hearing more happy news like this in the weeks to come. 🙂

  6. 6

    sienna said,

    yaaay for the 2nd trimester!! and what an awesome heart rate for baby :o) did you use your doppler yet? lemme know how it goes. wondering if i’m the only idiot who keeps messing up with it :o)

    • 7

      cowgirltn said,

      I got the doppler yesterday. Well Mark got it first and gave me a dirty look when I got home. But he wasn’t mad he just said no more baby purchases without talking to me.

      It took me several minutes to find it. I used KY jelly to move it around maybe not the best choice is sticky. I found my heartbeat right away. I finally found it pretty far down the pelvis just above the hairline. It was so cool.

  7. 8

    kmina said,

    Congrats on reaching the 2nd trimester! Things are looking up from now on, the belly gets bigger, movement is a few weeks away to be felt, good times ahead!

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