Florida, Pre-boarding, and Flutters

I am back from Florida and we enjoyed 5 days with mom, her boyfriend, my cousin and her husband.  Well enjoy is a loose term. The 1st night we got there my mom came down with a stomach virus which put her in bed for 2 days. Then my cousin contracted it, mom’s boyfriend, then me.  Mine didn’t kick in until our last night.  I quickly googled stomach virus and pregnant.  Fortunately the baby is safe it just affects mom.  I just had to make sure I drank plenty of liquids.  I’ve thrown up twice which is mild compared to the others.  For my morning sickness friends I now feel your pain.  I am so blessed I skipped that symptom. 

We did get to enjoy 5 days of 70+ degrees and sunshine. We spent Sunday at Epcot which at this point has gotten boring.  They don’t update stuff and it’s gotten out of date and still very expensive. But my cousin’s husband hadn’t ever been there so it was fun for him.  Mark and I won’t be going back for many years if ever.  We will go back to Disney World when pumpkin is old enough to enjoy it.  My favorite part was seeing all the little girls in Princess costumes.  

On our way home I asked the South.west agent if Mark could take my bag with him when he boarded since I was pregnant.  She said “If you’re pregnant you can pre-board.”  I was shocked and very happy for this unknown perk.  I got my blue pre-boarding sleeve and boarded before everyone else.  Sweet! 

I brought the Doppler to FL so grandma could hear the baby.  She loved it and got to hear it moving to.  She is so excited to be a grandma for the 3rd time.  In the last couple of days I think the flutters have started.  It only happens every once in awhile but I feel something in there and it’s not gas.  It’s going to be a weird experience to get use.  But I welcome the flutters, kicks, turns, punches, etc.  Mark’s a soccer player so I am in for a bruising.  

17 more days till the anatomy scan!


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  1. 1

    sienna said,

    i hope the next 17 days whizz by for your sake!! my longest stretch between appts was 3 weeks and it went by quickly enough after i told myself to pretend it was only 2 weeks. after that point, there was only a week left! i have a perfect record predicting genders so far … with you, i’m gonna guess … boy :o)

  2. 2

    Hannah said,

    Glad you had a good trip, minus the sickness. Feeling the flutters are the best. I am enjoy every single poke, punch, kick and roll.

    Happy New Year! Can’t wait to find out what you’re having!!

  3. 3

    babybaker said,

    thanks for sharing about pre-boarding! that’s awesome!

    hope you’re totally feeling better now. and i love that you took the doppler so grandma could hear. so cute!

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