Maternity clothes and pregnancy brain

I had a girl’s day out this weekend with one of my closest friends.  We haven’t been out in over 9 months because she was finishing up her MBA.  We had lunch and went shopping.  I had a $250 gift certificate to Pea in the Pod from Mark.  Well 3 pants and 1 top later I spent all the money.  That store is so expensive but the clothes are very cute and comfy.  They have these secret belly pants which are much more comfortable then other full panel pants.  If it weren’t for the gift certificate I probably wouldn’t have shopped there.

Our little shopping excursion took about 2 hours.  We got back to my Toyota Prius and I left it running.  We got in and the car was warm and the lights were on.  I was like OMG I left my car running for 2 hours.  We laughed so hard and I made her promise never to tell Mark.  He would make fun of me for months.  I had the car keys in my purse so I don’t think it would have gotten stolen but still.  I felt like the biggest dump A**.  She said “I heard your brain shrinks 10% when you’re pregnant.” I said “Well mine must have shrunk 50% after that dumb move.”  To my credit my Prius is REALLY quiet and you don’t hear it running unless you’re driving.

We started week 18 yesterday and listened to pumpkin with our handy Doppler.  I poked my belly a little bit to get it moving.  Mark didn’t like that.  “Stop it, how would you feel if someone was poking you in the head. Leave it alone.” Lord someone is getting protective of this little person.


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  1. 1

    Holly said,

    LOL, laughing about your car that got left running! It must be a pretty great little car to be able to idle for 2 hours w/ nothing “bad” happening (or maybe we just drive junkers, ha ha!)

  2. 2

    Hannah said,

    I was poking baby at that point to get him to move too! And now at 30 wks, he doesn’t move a ton, but when he does, it still makes me smile.

    Glad you were able to have a girls day out.

  3. 3

    jill said,

    Haha! That is too funny that you left your car running for 2 hours 🙂

  4. 4

    Amy said,

    I totally understand the pregnancy brain thing- I was awful while I was pregnant with my son and could see myself doing that very thing. Too funny! I’m glad you got some cute clothes, though. It really makes a difference in how you feel if you are comfortable in your maternity clothes.

  5. 5

    Krissi said,

    Congratulations!!That’s sooo exciting!! (I remember doing some pretty dumb things when I was pregnant too!) I just featured you as one of my successful Blog Love ladies and I would LOVE to feature your full success story! Here’s a link:
    Thanks in advance! You’d be inspiring so many!

  6. 6

    babybaker said,

    omg, you’re hilarious! glad you got a fun shopping day in though!

    and stop poking that baby! you and sienna, both! haha.

  7. 7

    Funsize said,

    I shopped at Motherhood Maternity. They have some really cute clothes and they’re affordable. They even sell some baby stuff too, and nursing bras. Also, Kiki’s Fashions is pretty affordable:

    I loved to poke my belly. It would wake the baby up, and then he wouldn’t calm down. It was always very reassuring to me when he would get active.


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