24 Week Update

Do to pumpkins position at our 20 week scan we got to see her again last friday at 24 weeks 5 days.  I also did the glucose test which wasn’t as bad as suspected.  Like a pro infertile I lay on the ultrasound table while they drew blood for the tests.  I had nurses, techs, doctors coming in and out of the room, no biggie for us pros.

Well she is perfect. They got a shot of her lower spine and main artery in her heart.  She was facing the floor in the pike position so her legs were in front of her face again.  So god bless the tech for trying so hard to get us a good 4D shot of her face.  At one point Mark and I were talking to princess asking her to behave and the tech caught her smiling.  So we either have a naughty girl on our hands or a happy one.  We also confirmed she is a girl since her room has been painted and girl clothes are hanging in the closet. 

She weighed 1 lb 9oz and is in the 44th percentile for her age.  My cervix looks great and she is moving like a champ. 

Here is her smiling photo.


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  1. 1

    a said,

    Fantastic shot – especially for an uncooperative little one!

  2. 2

    Those 4D images are amazing. Congrats on getting a view of your daughter!

    Here for the “Life From Scratch” discussion. Will check again later.

  3. 3

    sienna said,

    the 4D shots used to scare me, but now that i’ve been getting them, i think they’re great. so far, looks like our baby girls looks JUST LIKE DH. where are my genes??!! well, they are coming through in her personality. the u/s tech today was thrown off balance bc every time she put the wand to my tummy, baby girl punched or kicked it off. she was not happy. feisty little one, just like mommy :o) xoxo.

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