Life from Scratch Book Tour

When I found out our head Queen was publishing a non-fiction book I couldn’t wait to read it.  So I ordered it the day it came out from Am.a.zon. here is an easy link if you haven’t bought your copy yet of Life From Scratch

Now I will be honest I am not a big reader and if I do it’s usually about animals, marriage, god  or vampires.  It’s rare that I start a book and finish it right away.  I usually lose interest but not this time.  I finished it within a couple of days.  I love the main characters name Rachel(wink to my princess).  I loved the steamy scenes with her spanish lover. But mostly I loved the flow of the story and the humor.  I think the author Melissa Ford is hysterical so funny she could give Chelsea Han.d.ler a run for her money. 

As part of this book tour we were asked to answer 3 questions which pertain to the book. So here goes:

Blogging plays a key role for Rachel in the growth she experiences throughout the novel.  How has blogging affected who you are and/or how you see the world? Blogging has given my spirit a place to let go.  I can talk about anything I want and release the emotions I sometimes keep to myself.  It has connected me to woman who I might not have never known. It has made my journey of infertility easier to travel. 

Rachel’s blog gets very popular when she wins a blogging award and she starts averaging about one hundred thousand hits per day.  Would you want your blog to become that popular or would you prefer to stay smaller?  Well the inner celebrity in me would like it to hit the big time but not about infertility.  I’ve never wanted infertility to define who I was, it’s just a part of my life’s journey.  I knew god had a plan for me it was just a matter of trusting his path for me.  Now I would love to become a world-famous blogger for say cooking, parenting, or cooking for children.

Rachel talks about the kinship of marriage, and being on the “crazy ride” together is better than waiting outside in line.  Do we rush to/stay in marriage because the alternative is too isolating to think about?  I took my sweet time when it came to marriage and Mark took even longer.  We both felt marriage is for a life time and you have to pick the right person.  Marriage to me is a choice, a choice to stay and fight for our love or walk away.  Everyday I get up I chose to love Mark for one more day.  Some days I don’t have to choose it’s just easy to love him.  Others it takes everything I have not to pack it up.  Loneliness has not been a reason I would stay, love is.  I love Mark and am committed to our marriage.  Now if something were to happen(abuse, infidelity, etc) I would choose divorce because I am worth more than that and deserve better than that.

So there you have it. My little stop on the Life From Scratch book tour. Now head back to Write Mind Open Heart to continue the tour.


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  1. 2

    “author Melissa Ford is hysterical so funny she could give Chelsea Han.d.ler a run for her money.” Yes!

    I feel the same way about blogging. Thanks so much for your answers on the book tour.

  2. 3

    babysmiling said,

    Here from the book tour…

    Now you’ve got me wondering abut a book that combines animals, marriage, G-d, and vampires.

  3. 4

    Mel said,

    Believe me, if I could have realistically worked in vampires, I would have 🙂 I love me some vampire fiction.

    Thank you so much for doing this.

  4. 5

    Tara (TIMO) said,

    Here from the book tour. What a beautiful touching tribute to your love for your husband.

  5. 6

    Kathy said,

    I am here from the book tour too. Congrats on your pregnancy after all you have been through! I wish you the best!

    I really enjoyed your answers, especially because we got the same list of questions and chose to answer the same 3 questions (I am posting tomorrow)!

    I especially could relate to your last answer about your marriage. My husband and I feel the same way. Though we were college sweethearts, we didn’t get married right away after we graduated. We wanted to take some time to live in the real world and be sure. For years I had a very romantic vision of what relationships and marriage should be like and it was hard for me to eventually learn that all relationships and especially marriage take work. I finally moved away from the idea that you “fall in love” with someone and towards the concept that you “choose to love” someone. I really like what you said about how you wake up every day and choose to love your husband (but that some days are easier than others).

    Thanks again for sharing/participating!

  6. 7

    loribeth said,

    Love the comment about your “inner celebrity,” lol. (I agree about becoming famous for your infertility.)

  7. 8

    jjiraffe said,

    Here from the book tour. I love this: “(Blogging) has made my journey through infertility easier to travel.” So true! And your honest but romantic answer about marriage was really touching. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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