How IVF prepared me for labor

Last night I was watching an episode of One Born ***** Minute.  I have been watching this to help prepare me for the birth of my pumpkin.  After seeing 5 episodes of this I have come to realize I more prepared for labor thanks to IVF.  Why?  Because of the comments I have heard from woman in labor.

I hate needles they scare me.  Umm not me I injected my self with needles multiple times a day not to mention the IV’s, or blood draws.

I can’t have a c-section I’ve never being put under its dangerous.  Yes c-sections scare me but not because of going under but because of recovery.  Plus you’re not going under your being numbed from the chest down.  I’ve been sent to la la land at least 3 times now it’s quite peaceful.

These contractions hurt so bad, I’ve never had menstrual cramps this hurts really bad.  Girl what if you had endometriosis.  Those cramps suck you feel like your going to die at any moment.  I’ve been doubled over crying on the floor they hurt so bad.

Don’t look down there it’s gross I only want the doctor to look.  Really try laying in a room with your goods all hanging out for a roomful of people to stare at.  I’ve had more people look at my goods then I can count. 

Drugs I can’t do drugs they are harmful to me and the baby.  I call that happy juice, give it to me. I am confident pumpkin is still going to love me once the happy juice kicks in. 

So you see in a way I am thankful for IVF. It prepared me to tackle one of the hardest few hours of my life in 94 days. 


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    a said,

    Just wait for the after – oh wait – you’ve already had the fun of hormonal mood swings multiplied by 1000!

  2. 2

    Bec said,

    I only went as far as injectables+IUIs, not as far as IVF (and it looks like I’ll never have biological children), but I TOTALLY get what you’re saying. People’s concerns can seem downright silly at times. One of my mom’s co-workers has never had a gyn. appt. She’s afraid. My mom asked “what do you think they’re going to do to you?” Seriously people… and when I was going through treatments, it was at a TEACHING hospital. So we did everything TWICE (once by student, once by MD).

    Anyway, I have no doubt you’re going to rock the whole labor thing. You’re awesome!

  3. 3

    erika said,

    This must be so very true! after the hurdles of all the IF testing, the wands, the pokes, the procedures and all the discomfort we had to endure, labor sounds like a piece of cake 😉 lol
    It is incredible how much this journey has changed us. The benefits of it is certainly the strength, and seeing lot’s of things from a totally different, new (maybe better) perspective.

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