Calling moms

Ladies I am getting closer to my due date and am starting to think about BF. 

What kind of clothes should I buy or wear for the breast feeding months? I don’t love nursing tops but are they necessary.

While I’m home I think I should just wear a robe and be ready when LO calls. But that’s not very practical for going out in public or sexy for DH.


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    amanda said,

    I wore mostly any type of shirt that I could wear a tank top under. Then I would lift the top shirt up and pull the top of the tank top down. Does that make sense? That way you could lift your shirt but you would have the tank top underneath so you didn’t expose your whole belly and back. That worked best for me…and they even have breast feeding tank tops that unsnap at the strap so you aren’t stretching it out pulling it down.

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    AZMamma said,

    Everyone is a little different. With my first I wore a nursing nightgown and robe almost 24/7 the first couple of weeks. I didn’t leave the house since we were a 1 car household and we lived on a 3rd floor walk up. I also didn’t really have family or friends coming to visit. Eventually I transitioned to the shirt combo like Amanda mentioned.

    With my daughter everything was different. I basically went to just one t-shirt with a nursing bra from day 1.

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    BigP's Heather said,

    For public stuff, I did what amanda said. That way I could nurse in public without being exposed and I could wear clothes I already owned with just a camisole under it. I just tucked the camisole or tank under my boob and stretch it out…I’m lazy like that.

    At home I wore what my grandmother calls a “housecoat”. It is knee length, with pockets, and snaps up the front so I could nurse whenever, where ever.

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    a said,

    Shirts – anything that’s comfortable will do. You’ll figure out if you want buttons or zips or just to lift up your comfy t-shirt. That last one was my choice. I loved my Target nursing tank. It was snug to minimize the jiggling, and gave me a nice rack! I thought I would just open button down shirts, but I ended up just pulling everything up. I had nursing bras, but the tank was much more comfortable.

    At home, I just wore pajamas. All the time. More or less sweatpants and t-shirts.

    Good luck choosing!

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    Funsize said,

    I never bought any “actual” BF-ing clothes, but I wear v-neck t shirts or tank tops pretty much all the time. In the first 8 weeks, when I was on maternity leave, all I wore was my PJs. I would recommend buying a nursing cover for when you go out to nurse in public. If you are crafty, you can buy material you like at a fabric store and make it yourself for around $8.


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