My new title SAHM

Well it’s the final countdown to my last days as a working woman.  My boss and I sat down in January and we discussed my future plans.  I said “My 1st option is to come back part-time but if that won’t work I am going to be a SAHM.”  He spent the last 3 months thinking about it and talking with the other team members.  They decided as much as they love me and don’t want to lose me they need someone full-time.  I understand and appreciate the thought he put into it. 

It’s going to be so weird not working for the 1st time in my adult life.  I worked all through college and since graduating in 1998. I have been with this company for 7 years and they have been so GOOD to me.  I could never thank them enough for supporting me and believing in me for almost 7 years.  I cried during our talk today because I know how bitter-sweet this is.  Shoot I wouldn’t be pregnant had they not given me the time to do IVF at the far away clinic.

I am so blessed to have a husband that can offer me the chance to care for our little girl full-time.  I know there are many woman who would love to be in my shoes. 

The independent woman in me is scared. Scared that I won’t like being with a child all day, every day. Scared Mark and I will have issues with money. Scared that I will depend on Mark for all my financial needs and get controlled for it.  My mom was a SAHM and fought constantly with my dad over how much she spent, where she spent it, etc. They ended up divorced in part because of money.

When the time is right I will head back to work and perhaps back to the same company.  Who knows I might be back in a few months because I just can’t do the SAHM thing.  I guess I just have to take a deep breath and trust that being a full-time mom will be way more rewarding than any career.


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    sienna said,

    i’m soo absolutely looking forward to being a SAHM too, but i share your fears. we’re just gonna have to see how things pan out and hope for the best!! but we are oooh so lucky that we can both afford to stay at home. others are probably dying to be in our shoes and i feel awful for anyone who has to go back to work that doesn’t want t. too bad you don’t live closer to me, and we can have playdates!!!

  2. 2

    Bec said,

    What an exciting opportunity! Who knows – you might love it! I’m excited to be going part-time in 2 weeks and hopefully be a SAHM in 2012. We’ll see how it plays out. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes you!!

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    Hannah said,

    That is so awesome that you get to stay home with baby! What an honor it will be for you to be with her full-time. Enjoy every minute of it!

    Meanwhile, I’m dreading returning to work soon. The only good thing is that I get to work from home full-time so I will be here with baby, but will also have a nanny come in and ‘watch’ him so I can get work done.

  4. 4

    babybaker said,

    Exciting! Congrats! Enjoy every single minute.

    I think I’ll be going back to work because of an irresistible offer, but otherwise I’d loooove to stay home and play with sienna and you all day. Or when you visit NYC, anyway! 🙂

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