Roids and Daycare

Here it is my week 33 update. 

I had a good appointment today with pumpkin measuring 22 on the fundal height scale.  I have gained 17 pounds so I am up to 142.  Yep I started out at 125 after 3 IVF’s and a miscarriage.  My goal is still 25 pound weight gain so we shall see.  Her heart sounded perfect and her head is down.  Doc says it should stay down from now on.  Pumpkin is developing a pattern of activity in the afternoons and evenings. Then rests from say 11pm to mid afternoon.  Wouldn’t that be nice if she slept through the night within weeks of her arrival.

Don’t read if you hate TMI.  Bad news…I have a hem.roid, yuck.  It’s not hurting or bothering me it’s just gross and I want it to go away. Well according to Doc it will never go away. Once that vein pops out it’s out for good. Now it can shrink but will never completely go away.  Man I joked with one of my BFF’s a couple years ago that I would hate getting them. Well jokes on me but I will take it for a healthy pumpkin.

I also made an unscheduled stop at a daycare near our house this morning.  I’ve been told it’s best to just stop in so you can see the facility in all it’s glory.  This center is supposed to be the best in our county and has a great reputation.  It’s also expensive at $275 a week for infants.  I did like the facility though and the babies seemed healthy and happy.  They have a care giver for every 2 babies.  You don’t have to sign a contract in case you want to pull the child out.  They do require you to give them 2 weeks notice if your leaving. That will be perfect if I decide to be a SAHM right after my leave is up.

We have our 1st birthing class this weekend. So it should be a great learning experience.

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