Pumpkins Birth Story

On Thursday June 9th we found out from a quick ultrasound that you were breech. We had been told for 3 weeks prior that you were head down. The only way to get you out safely was to have a scheduled c-section.  So we scheduled it for Tuesday June 14th because we had a very sick dog to take care of. Sadly on Saturday June 11th we let Gordy go. He was dying from cancer and had internal bleeding.

On Tuesday June 14th Mark, Grandma Pat and I checked into Williamson Medical Center at 9 am By 12pm the staff had me prepped and ready.  Dr. Ellington started the incision and I said “it smells like coffee.”  Mark said “No you like tea more.” What I though was coffee was my skin, eek!  Rachel came out at 12:33pm, they held her over the curtain and I said “Look at her ears,” the doctors laughed.  Then Rachel pooped and peed on me. I guess she had to go.  Turns out the cord was wrapped around her leg and up over her shoulder keeping her in place.

We were back in the room shortly after, then the love fest began.  We all took turns loving on you and shedding tears of joy for this AMAZING miracle.

Everyone says it “You will never know that kind of love till you have a child.” Man do I understand now.  Mark and I are o in love with Rachel it’s overwhelming.

I will have a better picture in the future.


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