One Month Old

Yep my baby girl is month old, can you believe it.

In a month she has captivated and stolen my heart along with Marks.  We lay in bed with her and just watch her sleep, kiss her, talk to her and just love her to pieces.  I am surprised she doesn’t have little kiss marks all over from all the kisses.  She has grown in length and weight. I’m not sure how much since we haven’t seen the doctor in 2 weeks.  Her cheeks are filling out and she’s starting to lose some hair on her head. I really hope that grows back quickly I love all her hair.  I also want to put in the little barrettes I bought.  She poops and pees ALOT, so much that I called the doctor to make sure she wasn’t pooping too much. They laughed and said “Welcome to babies.”  She eats like a champ and is starting to sleep in her crib more and more. In fact last night she slept the whole night in their except for her feedings.  I am proud of myself because I am letting her go and I realize we both get better sleep.  She took her 1st bottle this past weekend like a champ and pumping is getting easier. I am building up my stash which is a huge relief. So here she is rocking in her rocking chair all dressed up with her house slippers on. Oh lord whoever made slippers for a newborn should be thanked. So cute!

Parenthood is fun, exhausting, stressful but worth every second. 

We are looking forward to a trip to the beach in the coming weeks where she can show off her swimsuit and hat.  Plus all the help we will get from grandma, grandpa and the other 30 immediate family members.  I have 12 more days before I can ride if my OB appointment goes well.  I already have a sitter lined up so I can get on and ride off into the sunset for a couple of hours. 

I will be back and yes this blog is becoming a mommy blog.  I can’t help it I finally get to say I’m a MOMMY!


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