Overdue Update

Well here we are 3 weeks after my last post.  Rachel is 11 weeks today and continues to steal my time, heart and love everyday.

Let’s see in the last 3 weeks we have had:

A baptism, Sip and See Party for Rachel, Roll Overs, Out of Town Visitors and the start of day care.

Baptism – Pretty standard for a catholic family.  Our normal priest was out-of-town on vacation so we had a sub named Father Titus. He’s a very nice man from India with broken english.  He kept calling her Angel instead of Rachel but we let it slide, god knows her name.  Here she is in all her glory.

The day before the baptism we had a party in Rachel’s honor called a Sip and See. It’s basically an open house for people to come meet Rachel.  We are so THRILLED to be parents we had to celebrate this amazing blessing. We had it catered, cocktails, decorated, the whole nine yards.  The party started at 1pm and the last guest left at 10:30pm. She loved it so much she didn’t nap the entire time she stayed alert and happy till 10:30pm. I guess we have a social butterfly on our hands. Here she is mingling with others.

We had a house full the weekend of the festivities. My mom, my brother and his family, Mark’s parents, our niece, and friends from Pittsburg. It was so great having so many folks celebrating this little miracle.  Here is Rachel with my brother’s girls. They were my 1st princesses especially the older one(my god child).  Rachel loved her cousins and can’t wait to see them again.

A couple of weeks ago she started rolling over onto her stomach but that is where she gets stuck and hates it.  I know it won’t be long before she is fully rolling over.

Finally she started her 1st trial week of daycare this week. I should say my trial week of daycare. I’m dropping her off a little bit each day to get me used to us being apart. So far so good I’ve only cried a little and I’m slightly enjoying the freedom to get things done. Hence why I am catching up on my blog.  I start work on Sept 6th and am going to give it a valliant effort before I quit. I need to make sure I have made my decision with peace in my heart.  It helps that the daycare is sending me updates throughout the day with pictures.  So there it is, it might be a while till I post again so I will see you soon.


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