Needing Your Advice Again

So I am back to work and trying to figure out what is best for Rachel and I.  I am blessed to have a husband that can support us if I stay home. But I also have a husband that travels at least 60% of the year so Rachel’s care is on me 24/7.  We don’t have any family in the area except an 18 year old nephew.  Rachel is currently in a great daycare with 2 fantastic caregivers but its still daycare.  She contracted her 1st little cold this week and it’s upset me all week. I am hopeful my breast milk is going to knock it out quickly. I am petrified of her getting sick and her getting a cold already isn’t helping.

I can’t help but think she will benefit some from daycare and the interaction with others. I already think she likes it and is all smiles when I pick her up and drop her off. Yesterday she did her 1st art project which is getting laminated by the school.

So if you were in my shoes would you:


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