Needing Your Advice Again

So I am back to work and trying to figure out what is best for Rachel and I.  I am blessed to have a husband that can support us if I stay home. But I also have a husband that travels at least 60% of the year so Rachel’s care is on me 24/7.  We don’t have any family in the area except an 18 year old nephew.  Rachel is currently in a great daycare with 2 fantastic caregivers but its still daycare.  She contracted her 1st little cold this week and it’s upset me all week. I am hopeful my breast milk is going to knock it out quickly. I am petrified of her getting sick and her getting a cold already isn’t helping.

I can’t help but think she will benefit some from daycare and the interaction with others. I already think she likes it and is all smiles when I pick her up and drop her off. Yesterday she did her 1st art project which is getting laminated by the school.

So if you were in my shoes would you:


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    BigP's Heather said,

    I don’t know what is best for Rachel. For my family, we decided it was best for me to stay home. When she was one (1.5 actually) she started going part time to a preschool two days a week (9-3). She still goes two days a week and between the classes/nursery at church and that, she gets plenty of socialization. And, she hasn’t been sick very much either.

    Follow your heart and do what is best for all of you. If you want to work part time, do it. If you want to stay home full time, do that. YOU need to be happy too. If you stay home but are miserable, that isn’t good for either of you…

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    Hannah said,

    I voted for staying at home, but that is MY preference. Of course, you know what’s best for your family. There are some women who prefer to work, for their own sanity, but everyone is different. You can always stay home and see how that works and if you find that it’s not for you, then you can work part-time.

    You are very fortunate to be in the situation where you have the option to choose. I hope Rachel feels better soon. You are feeding her momma’s milk so it’s the best thing to help her get well. 🙂

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    Holly said,

    This is a toughie; if YOU were ME, you would totally stay home. (I stay home), but you aren’t me. I LOVE staying at home, I love that I get to be the only one rasiing my kids while they are little. Socialization is over-rated. My daughter Ellie started Kindergarten this year w/ no preschool and no daycare experience, and she is thriving. All we did was two hours a week in a bible study where she was with her own little class while I was with mine. So the whole socialization thing can fly out the window. 😉 THAT SAID, what will make YOU the best mom? Do you need to work for YOU to be the best mom for baby Rachel? I have some friends who work not because they have to financially but because they have to in order to not go nuts. Every woman is different. The thing is to figure out what you need and balance that with what you believe Rachel needs. In the end, she will turn out a-okay no matter what you do because you are involved and invested in her.

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    Hannah said,

    Hey, Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love the sleepers that zip, SO much easier than the button ones! I get them at Target or Walmart. Although it’s harder to find as Matthew gets bigger. At Target, they are located in the baby section where the ‘packaged’ onesies are. They come two in a pack.

    Good luck!

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    Funsize said,

    I am fortunate enough to work from home and make my own schedule. I work full time, and I absolutely loved the 10 weeks I got to spend with my son after he was born. If we were financially stable enough for me to stay at home, I would. When I’m not working, I have my father in law watch my son, and they have such a great bond.

    That being said, if you think you need to work, just to get some adult time, go ahead and do it. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed with Rachel, and if being away from work helps you re-charge from her then you’re being a good mommy to her.

    If it were me, I would work part time, and have a sitter watch her at your house while you work. That way you know where she is, she’s in a familiar environment, and she isn’t exposed to so many germs. Maybe when she gets older and has a bit more developed immune system you can put her back in daycare.


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      Funsize said,

      Argh, that should read when I am working, I have my father in law watch my son…

      I also wanted to add that I relish every day off I get to be with my son, and I think he appreciates our time together as well.

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    loverunning mommy said,

    I would stay home if I were you, but I am in a situation were my husband is laid off,so I have no other option.
    You are very blessed that you have a choice.
    Many of us wish we had that.

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