OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Kristi, mom, wife, working full time in Nashville, Tennessee. My passion is horses and we own 2 of them a quarter horse mare and a paint gelding named Roy. In February we added a golden retriever puppy to our home we share with a rag-doll cat.

My endometriosis cramps started when I was 25 that was 18 years ago. It was until my early 30’s, when I had a laparoscopic procedure to diagnose me with endo that I knew what my cramps were all about. I spent 4+ years dealing with infertility until my 3rd IVF procedure when I got pregnant with our only child.


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    Amber said,

    I just came across your blog today from cyclesista. I noticed that you live in Nashville, as do I. Not sure if you intend to keep your identity anonymous (I do) but thought we could at least chat about which clinic you’re using/which doctor, etc. I have endometriosis to and battle with the terrible cramps and such that go along with it. I’m a little further along in this process (have had one IVF cycle but it was cancelled due to poor response.)

    Hope your cycle goes perfectly!!


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      cowgirltn said,

      Amber, yep I live in Nashville. I have been using the Nashville Fertility Clinic specifically Dr. Eblen. I am not a private person but Mark is so this blog is for folks that find me. I won’t post it to my facebook page in honor of Mark’s privacy. He knows I need to talk about this and learn all I can so he is very supportive of that. Sorry your IVF was cancelled. Prayers for your path ahead.

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    Amber said,

    I’ve just started seeing Dr. Hill. Plan to schedule an HSG as soon as my next period begins. So not looking forward to that but he thinks I have a hydrosalpinx in my tube or tubes. Yet another roadblock for me. Grrr. I try to stay positive but it’s a daily battle. Good luck with the shots!

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    Nina said,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m so sorry for all the trouble you’ve been having. I live in Nashville as well. I hope everything goes well for you, and please stop back by!

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    lynda said,

    i found out today that we lost ours after 2 tries and it was at 16 dpo. after 12 dpo i test positive then today and stomach dropped and was told our bt was now negative. we have to try it all over again thru ivf. third try now.

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    Laura said,

    Hi! I came to this blog from an adoption blog because I noticed it said TN. I live in the nashville area and I too have struggled with infertility. It is not a fun process!! I went to NFC…..we have all probably run into each other there as much time that is spent there! 🙂 We did 3 IUI’s and then went for invitro. I had horrible overstimulation. UGH! I got pregnant and then miscarried. We didn’t have any frozen embryos left. SO…..a year later, we are waiting to bring our beautiful baby girl home from S. Korea!!! I can’t wait! We decided to not go the IVF route again because we wanted a def. happy ending. At the end of the day, I just want to be a momma. 🙂 SO…..good luck!!! I will check back soon to see if you get a BFP!!! I bet you will!

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