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6 Weeks old and I’m Back in the Saddle

Our little pumpkin turned 6 weeks old yesterday.  Oh man we are in love with her round, perfect, kissable face.  She is starting to hold her head up and giving us 4 hour sleeps at night.  We have discovered gripe water is our friend and helps her little tummy quickly.  Gripe water is magic and helps her get the gas and poop out.  She is one happy baby once that stuff does its magic.  We bought our bottle from Whole Foods so it’s all natural and organic.  I think she actually likes it because she swallows it with a little grin on her face. Her she is laying on my OB’s exam table while we wait over an hour for my OB.

My OB appointment went perfect and I got the thumbs up to resume all pre pregnancy activities.  The exam hurt so bad because she said when you breast feed it dries out your ya ya.  Oh man having sex with Mark might have to wait a little bit.  Never mind that I already feel like my body isn’t my own.  I have some one sucking on me 12 times a day and occasionally pooping on me.

I did seize the good report and went riding for the 1st time in 10 months and it felt amazing. I rode with 3 ladies from the barn for over and hour and love it.  Roy even liked it despite the sweat dripping off him.  Rachel went to an amazing baby sitters house that lives on the farms property so if need be I could just ride Roy up to Rachel. Here we are about to head out on the 300+ acres.  Roy and I are in the middle.


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My 1st baby purchase

I have held back my desire to buy baby stuff. Partly because I know people love buying baby clothes, partly because we don’t know the gender, partly because Mark made me promise.  But I broke today I couldn’t help it when I saw this and it was only $13.99.  It fits perfectly into our journey of IF and it’s gender neutral.

Then I saw this other item(s) and can’t wait to buy a pair or 2…..

It’s a brand called Weboo shoes and they are so freakin cute.  Note the brown horse that has white spots on the side just like my baby Roy.  They have a ton of different animals in sneakers, sandles, and flats.

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Non IF Kristi

So as I’ve mentioned I’ve been spending the last few weeks since the miscarriage to do things I love.  Because there is more to me then broken plumbing. One of my favorite things are horses. I’ve been riding for 29 years and have no plans to stop.  I went trail riding this weekend with one of my girlfriends.  Man getting to the park we went riding at was like something out of National Lampoons Country vacation.  I tell my friend her life would make a perfect reality show on CMT(country music television).  We started out with a truck we nicknamed the Rolling Turd.  It’s her 16-year-old sons, 1st vehicle that he paid $2000 for. Now it does run really well so it does its job but…the gas gauge doesn’t work, no air, the windows are stuck in the down position, no radio, it sounds like the muffler fell off.  We look like the clampets rolling down the streets of Nashville.  After our fantastic ride.  She dropped me off and started back home but ran out of gas 10 miles from her house with a horse trailer in tow and a very agitated horse. God bless her she didn’t get home till 11:30pm, she dropped me off at 7:30pm. She sent me a text message today saying it was all worth it.  Horses will do that to you. I took some photos of my big baby Roy.

The beautiful creek we rode several hundred feet through


Yes we kiss. Shhhhhhh don't tell Mark


I call this Roy of the Corn. I couldn't resist standing in the corn field.


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