Taco Bell

If your a mom you know you live life in your vehicle. Which for me is fun because last year my husband finally caved to my begging for a Ford F-150 King Ranch. “Darla” is a 2012 model and I love her.  I feel like one tough cookie driving around town.

So Darla gets eaten in a lot while I drive my daughter around town. She loves fast food despite me carrying around snacks to help hold her off till we can eat at home. But sometimes we just have to due to time constraints and us smelling like horse poop. Now that I am trying to cut out gluten and dairy that really limits me. It’s tough to eat a salad and drive. So I am usually stuck with french fries (not totally GF) and water. My daughter loves Taco Bell and will chose that 1st every time. So I said OK, let’s give it a shot, thinking I would be eating water for dinner. It turns out they have a yummy GF rice bowl that I can eliminate the cheese from.  It was pretty good, y’all and now I have Taco Bell on my restaurant list. I know it’s not a great option but, if it’s that or eating water for dinner, I will make a run to the boarder.

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By Golly I Think It’s Working

Well I have now completed my typical week of endometriosis. The cramps started on Monday, 5/14 and were gone by Tuesday, 5/15! When they started I was like, poo I gave up a lot of yummy food for nothing. But now I am like hot damn let’s keep this up.  Plus I have lost a couple pounds. My belly was still bloated for a few days and continues to be after I eat for a little while.


But I will take bloated over days sitting on the toilet or crying because I want to ripe out my uterus. So I am going to keep kicking endometriosis ass by cutting out dairy, gluten, soy and as much refined sugar as I can.

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Let’s do this

My cramps started creeping in yesterday and for me they start slow and then ramp up. I suspect when I ovulate but I have never fully tested that theory.  It’s a factor that played a part in my conception issues. Who wants to have sex when all you want to do is poop and pee. Or be doped out on Midol Extra Strength.

My brain is so use to food enraging the cramps causing them to get worse. Then all I want to do is sit on the toilet for the next 4 days. It will be interesting to see if the food elimination is going to make any difference. Though I am hungry right now I would rather go without then have to piss off my Endometriosis. Have you found any foods you focus on when your in the middle of your cramps?

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Zoes Kitchen

I am still on the road of elimination eating. I am actually having fun trying to find foods to try and enjoy without bloating. One of the side effects of endometriosis is bloating. I look pregnant most days of the month because I am bloated. Now I already ate pretty(maybe)  good before but I didn’t pay any attention to gluten, diary or sugar. I ate it all in moderation but now I am doing my best to cut them out.

Today I stopped at Zoes Kitchen for lunch. They are a chain so they might be in your area. I asked the cashier what options she had for gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. She said, “Hold on a minute we have a menu for you.”  She handed me a menu designed for vegans, vegetarians, paleo, Whole 30, etc. It was AWESOME SAUCE! I ordered the grilled chicken kebab, rice and white beans. Sadly I couldn’t order the limeade because it had sugar in it, but oh well. I have my yummy paleo truffels from Living Raw at my desk.

zoes almondgood_grande

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For the love of Rachel

My sweet 6 year old daughter loves having mommy come to school for lunch. Due to lots of school rules, I almost have to eat the cafeteria food. So today I fell off the wagon for Rachel. We had cheese pizza and baked apples. I told Rachel, “Next time I go off my diet it won’t be for school cafeteria pizza.” It could be worse I know but let’s be honest it’s not good either.


Well 3 hours later and I am not doubled over with cramps or in the bathroom. But I am more bloated, super tired and want to take a nap under my desk. Since eliminating “bad” food I have had more energy in the afternoons. So I guess one positive side effect so far is more energy and not feeling so bloated.

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You never know unless you ask

Happy Monday! I am on day 9 of the endometriosis elimination diet.  So far it’s going pretty good and I am actually having fun getting creative with food. As a mom, wife, pet parent and working full time it’s been a bad week for cooking at home. Most of our meals the last few days have been at restaurants. My company has a great cafeteria so it’s been easy following the plan for lunch and breakfast. I emailed our cafeteria manager and asked her to add gluten free bread to the menu. She responded with “We have gluten free bread and pizza crust on order!”  Today I was excited to go get a sandwich but they were SOLD out of gluten free bread. It was their 1st day offering it and it sold out.

This weekend we ate at a couple sit down restaurants including a sports bar. I asked the server if they had any gluten free options.(There weren’t any on the menu) He said “Yes we have buns and personal pizza crusts.”  Well how about that? I am quickly learning to just ask because most of the time they do have options.

I also had to find a new alcohol for my occasional drink because I love Blue Moon Beer and Corona Light.  I know alcohol could be a trigger but, I am not eliminating everything and from what I read it’s not as bad as gluten, dairy, or sugar for endometriosis.  Well I am learning to like Ciders now. I had a couple different kinds this weekend and they were pretty good.

Have a great day!

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Domino’s pizza

My daughter wanted pizza for dinner tonight from Domino’s and I thought oh great let’s see what mommy can have. Well guess what Domino’s has a gluten-free pizza and feta cheese is low in lactose so I actually get to have my own pizza for dinner. It is quite good and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on her yummy dinner.

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